MultiPurpose energy education entrepreneurship

Meet the Team

MyBusinessPlan is designed for decentralized energy enterprises bringing energy access to the hundreds of millions of unserved households, communities, and micro-enterprises. Directed at energy-access enterprises, MyBusinessPlan is the brainchild of four development practitioners with 75 years of combined experience in energy-access programs, projects, enterprises, and financing. They have combined their expertise and assembled a global team to form the social enterprise Embark: Energy–Education–Entrepreneurship. MyBusinessPlan is their first online product offering, the result of a year of development and on-the-ground testing in East Africa.

Phil LaRocco


20 years of experience in energy through enterprise. The father of energy through enterprise business model and its global thought leader today. Founder of E+Co in 1994 and its CEO until 2009.

Ellen Morris


20 years of experience in end-user finance. Director of Energy and Environment Program at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs a Recognized expert on end-user finance for energy.   Founder of Sustainable Energy Solutions LLC

Gina Rodolico


20 years of experience in impact measurement. Pioneer in impact monitoring and evaluation frameworks. COO and Director of Innovations at E+Co.

Jennye Greene


7 years of experience in technology design. Specialist on energy enterprise development through training and blended learning using web-based platforms and social media. Innovations Specialist at E+Co.